Friday, 23 November 2018


Today for EOTC week, I have done Maori definitions. It is about the marae. Here's what I done:
Waiata- A waiata is the Maori word for song
Pōwhiri- A Maori welcoming ceremony
Kaikaranga- A Kaikaranga is the woman who calls to the marae
Rangatahi- The Younger people
Kaikōrero- Kaikorero is when the men give a speech
Wharemanaaki-  The Wharemanaaki is the Restroom Building in the marae

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Happier Narrative Writing

Today, we watched the Happier music video and we have to make a narrative writing about it, here's what I wrote (this is the girls perspective):

It was my 12th birthday. My mum got me a cute dog. I really like this dog and I always wanted one because all my friends have dogs. My uncle took a picture of me and my dog and put it on the wall. I have him treats in my room and we played all night. (A few years later, the dog grows up) In the morning I had to go to school, I hate school but I had to. I finished school and I had soccer practice after school. They always bully me there but my passion is football/soccer. But when I go home my dog is there to make me feel happy. My dog was acting strangely today, I asked my mother what it was but she said "There is nothing wrong with him." It was the weekend so I can play with my dog! I went to go see where he was, he was just sleeping. But suddenly I see my dad come in and grab him and take him to the vet. He's not moving or breathing at all. I start panicking and crying. We arrive at the vet and they take him in a room. A doctor comes out 15 mins after and says "I'm sorry to say but your dog has passed." I was shocked. I have never felt this way before. (20 years later) It's my daughters 12th birthday, I got her the same breed dog as my old one. I gave it to her she was so happy. Just like me back when I was 12. A tear rolled down my face. My uncle took picture of it and put it next to my picture of me and my dog.

Overall I think this task was fun and helpful. You have to have good memory and it was very fun doing it. I hope we do something like this again.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

What would I want for the summer learning journey

To Emma
For the summer learning journey, I would want the $50 dollars in cash. I would spend on R6 Credits, Vbucks, McDonalds and KFC. That would be really cool. This is what I would want.
From Sam

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Passion Projects

This week we have been started doing passion projects. I chose community sports and
we chose to do a basketball tournament for charity. We do passion projects every Monday and Thursday.
  • Basketball tournament donates a can of food and gives the can of food to charity.   
  • Basketball tournament donates clothes that are too big or small for you.
  • Basketball tournament donates money to play the tournament.
  • Do a sprint to donate stuff to your favorite charity.

S.W.O.T. Analysis


  • We are donating to the homeless
  • We are doing sports we enjoy
  • Playing along with the community
  • People will get healthy

  • Easily distracted - Try not to get distracted and commit to our work

  • We don’t do much work  - Do more work

  • We leave work at the last minute -Try to commit to our work and finish it

  • Building the confidence
  • To make a difference
  • Connect with different people
  • Practice your favorite sports
  • Have fun

  • Dangerous People - Ask a teacher to supervise us

  • Stray dogs - Run or

  • Bad weathers - Check the Weather

  • No equipment - Tell someone to bring the equipment

  • No money- We don't need money.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Persuasive Writing: "Cats are better than dogs"

Both of the best pets in the world, cats and dogs but which one is better? In my opinion I think dogs are better because they defend/protect your home from anyone who is trespassing. Dogs make you get up and exercise because they need to go for walks and they want to play fetch. Some dogs can guide blind people where to go and that is very helpful for blind people while cats can't do that. 

Some dogs also help the police catch criminals, the dogs run after the criminal and bite them or just take them down until the police officer takes them. Cats could run away or hit by a car easily so you have to keep them inside which could get messy with cat hair everywhere. Dogs don't go on roads and don't run away, you leave them in a fenced area and they will protect your home. Cats aren't very helpful, they might be cute but not helpful. Dogs are very helpful, they can do multiple jobs that helps  humans. What's your opinion? Do you like cats or dogs?

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

In the Holidays

I was playing Fortnite and my brother came in the room and asked me if I wanted to go play basketball, I said "Yes." We drove to the courts and I took my first shot and it swished in. My brother said "Let's have a shooting competition." He went first and got 8/10. It was my turn, I got... 6/10. I lost but I keeped on practicing. I was improving, I got way better at shooting after this. I was getting 7/10 a lot but then I started getting 9/10 and 8/10. It was very hard because they were three pointers, three points are very far from the hoop. My brother was helping me get better because he is good at basketball. We were there for 2 hours, we had our last shootout before we go to Burger King and have some food. We got really hungry because we were there for 2 hours. My brother got 9/10, I got 9/10 so we tied at the last one. We had to go because we were hungry. We went to Burger King and I got a chicken burger combo and my brother got the same. So we went back home and I played Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege with my friends Austin and Murtaza. I watched Netflix aswell. Overall it was a fun day and I hope to get better at basketball.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Business & Enterprise: Market Day

Today was Market Day and our company name is Boom Boom Pop Shot and we did balloon popping. You throw darts at balloons and you try to pop them, if you pop the balloon you can get lollies or even a stuffed animal. Today, my favourite part was going around and buying some stuff from other sellers. I brought a fortnite game, it was so fun. I liked how we sold out and so much people had fun. If I did it again, I would use more tape on the balloons or go inside because the balloons were blown away by the wind. But we got them all back and sticked them back on.